I have no idea where that saying even came from.

All I know is that after my trip to the dentist’s, I definately wasn’t able to.

My dentist novacaine’d me to the point that I couldn’t use my upper lip for the rest of the day, which made things (like NOT drooling) very difficult. The lip felt disembodied and squishy. Like dough. Om nom nom.

The numbness even spread to my nostrils. If I tried to flare them, only one would actually move.

Anyway, back to normal stuff!

Another fantastic donor is featured today! And this featured photo comic is for David Woo from Maryland, who has also been put onto the New Mercy Project’s featured donor list! Thanks!

We are 2/3 of the way through to reaching our goal of $900!

Please continue to show your support and donate even a dollar! Each dollar feeds 3 children, and I know that we can give them a Christmas that they will never forget!