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I had to start packing tissues in my purse after last Friday’s commute.

I was exhausted on my way back home. I was sick and the commute home was long (with the traffic and rain extending the bus ride from 1 hour to 2 hours).

So I took a nap. Unintentionally.

And when I woke up, well…here’s what happened.

In horror, I realized that my shirt was soaking wet from my drool.

Without turning my head, I looked side to side to see if anyone noticed my state of sogginess, and I am pretty sure that no one noticed.

I think.

You guys can keep a secret, right? What happens on the MTA bus, stays on the MTA bus.

Ever wondered what Mini-Grace and I think about?

Weird stuff, I assure you.

Nothing worth writing home about, but intriguing nonetheless, no?

I would’ve added another wise quip about never taking sedatives and laxatives at the same time, but I don’t think you need a visual description of that. 

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. With Easter weekend rapidly approaching, I have been busy with preparations and practices for Bridgeway (my church’s) Easter services.

It will be full of theater, worship, dance, poetry, and yes, even rapping. If you are in the Maryland area, come and check us out and say “hi” to me in person! If you can’t come in person, check out the live broadcast online~

Happy Easter, my lovely readers~ Jesus is alive!

My sister just got her driver’s lisence. Omaigahd.

And over the past week that she’s been around, she has been religiously begging and nagging me to let her take me for a drive in my own car.

I did pretty much everything I could to not let this happen. From what I heard from my mom, her driving is something along the lines of this Family Guy sketch:

Despite my strongest efforts, today, after another morning of constant pleading, I finally gave in to her wishes and let her drive us to her school.

It went well.

I was a bit tense, but did my best to relax and help her relax as we drove down the highway. Most of our trip consisted of me looking behind me to make sure the lanes were clear, so no merging incidents occurred.

Thank Jesus, we made it in one piece.

I think I’ll let her drive me around again.

In about 3 more years.

The stress-indigestion I suffered from when I got home was no joke.

Per the request of Joshua on the last blog entry…

I am letting you all in on a little secret.

This is how a photo comic gets done:

What, you didn’t think that I posed myself, took photos of myself, drew Mini-Grace on paper, scanned her in, colored her on Photoshop, overlaid the drawings on the photos of myself, added text, and then finished everything to look seamless…did you?

That would take forever~

The reason why I don’t do photo comics as often as regular comics is because of poor Mini-Grace. Think about how hard it is for her little legs to have to run back and forth all the time.

Oh well. Now you know.

I am having one of those weeks.

The past week has been epic, in terms of the amount of work that I have been doing while simultaneously getting settled.

It’s been an awesome first week of work, and I’m really happy to know that things are moving in nicely both at the new office and at home.

Unfortunately, this also means that the wealth of inspiration that I usually draw from (namely from the weird experiences in my life), have run a bit dry…

Believe it or not, this is exactly what happened as I tried to draw a comic today.

But do not fear, my dear readers! I’m sure that as life picks up again, I can start drawing and blogging per usual about my adventures in cooking, working out, and…I dunno, dropping retainers in toilets.

This mental constipation will soon be flushed out. (Hopefully.)

Until then, please bear with me! I promise many more fun posts ahead.

Or, if you have any questions that you would like me to comic an answer back to, it will be done!

A part of my soul dies every time I see a roach.

No, seriously. I think an actual part of my soul actually dies.


Anywhoo, my little sister called home last night because her dorm (being in the middle of rural Virginia) was plagued with stinkbugs, and she couldn’t sleep, out of fear of the infestation.

Having had to deal with these kinds of fears myself (having stayed in Haiti and in New York City), I gave her my super secret (and super OCD) tips on how to avoid contact with the creepy crawlies when it was time to go to sleep.

And now I will share them with you. See? You guys are like family to me.

As long as you follow these steps, you can have a good night, sleep tight, and not let the bedbugs bite. Stay vigilant, my friends.

Honey, I’m hoooooome~

Fortunately, the move back to Maryland was nice and smooth. And now that I have my desk all set up in my room, I can start blogging again! Hurrah!

One of my final memories before I had left for merry Maryland was last weekend, when I got to go Skeet Shooting with a couple of friends.

It was my first time shooting a firearm, and as much as I enjoy first-person shooters in video games (like Duck Hunt), it was…different.

To be completely honest, it was a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. But once I understood the art behind shooting skeets, it wasn’t so bad.

(To see what’s actually going on in the vid above, click to full-screen.)

As much as I miss everyone from New York/New Jersey, it’s really good to be back home in Maryland.


A Cartoon Stuck in a Real Girl’s Body

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