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What, is my math off?

Trust me, it’s not~

Apparently, Friday’s post of Andy’s Photo Comic sparked a lot of interest on Facebook and Gmail, and almost 20 requests for photo comics have come in.

In the past, I have been very hesitant in drawing photo comics for people, mainly due to people promising to pay me for the commissions, only to have “forgotten.” Or, people requesting them, and never following up.

But because you have all been quite persistent…and because I haven’t held a large-scale photo comic offering in a while…

Here’s the skinny on how this will work out:

  1. Between now and Christmas, I will draw up to 30 photo comics for you lovely readers.
  2. Here’s the catch: If you want the photo comic, you have to go to and donate a minimum of $30 to support the children’s feeding program in Haiti.
  3. Once you’ve donated, send an e-mail to with your name, and a high res photo of yourself or the person you want photo-comic’ed.
  4. If you send your donation and photo in before December 1st, I can ensure the delivery of your photo comic before Christmas.

So what does this have to do with the “30 x 30 = 2,700”?

Well, if I draw 30 comics at $30 a pop…and, if $1 can feed 3 children in Haiti’s weekly feeding program…

…Then by the end of the year, your purchasing this one-of-a-kind photo comic will feed 2,700 Haitian children for Christmas. That’s enough to feed every single child on Grace International’s campus.

What better Christmas present could you possibly give than the gift of hope and life? (Plus, your purchase will be tax-deductable!)

As a bonus, I will post your photo comic (and promote any website/cause you represent) on this blog, as well as on the New Mercy Project’s website, with the title of “Featured Donor.”

The ball is now in your court, lovely readers~ Let’s make it work!

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