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I wiped out on the ice again tonight.

I think the bruise will go away eventually. But as my knees hit the cold floor, I had a flashback to last week, when I wiped out in the middle of New York City.

It went down like this:

My body still has some blue bruises, but the important thing is that my coffee miraculously survived!

I think my joy at that moment illustrated how much my love of coffee > my buttocks.

Priorities. It’s all about priorities.

For all you who read yesterday’s post…I had no work today!

So instead, I spent it relaxing and being productive:

Yeah…that was pretty much my day.


After cleaning my apartment, installing a new foam mattress cover that Mom and Dad sent me, and taking care of a few errands, I dug my car out (took much longer than expected…I actually watched the sun set as I shoveled away…) and attempted to cook chicken sans a youtube tutorial…and to my pleasant suprise, it was AWESOME~

I used a Triple Ginger Teriyaki marinade I found at Mitsuwa in Edgewater, NJ. Low in calories, low in sodium, and super delicious. If you’re on a diet, and want to spice up your chicken breast with minimum caloric and sodium damage, I highly recommend it!


Today was a good day.

I am a little bit OCD when it comes to planning ahead…

I really hope I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. Haha!

And cold is coming! Tomorrow’s a low of 1 degree F! AHH!

And if you have to get around…

…well, just imagine you’re a giant inchworm and scrunch your way across the floor.


It all started after I finished my workout today…

Then I retched for a bit.

Grace Whang, ladies and gentleman. The only person in the world who has the ability to waterboard herself.

Just thought I’d share. HAHA!

During a White Elephant Swap, I got the “dreaded” Snuggie.

I dunno. I actually like it…is that wrong?

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I’ve (literally) been stuck at work for the entire week. I even had to spend the night in order to make sure a deadline was met. Cah-ray-zee-ness!

Yay for the weekend! Ravens vs. Steelers! Green Hornet! Laundry! Gym! SLEEP!

Lucky Number 24!

Happy 24th to me & Happy 7th to Mini-Grace

I am so blessed. Thank you to everyone who has made this birthday especially memorable:

  1. To Mom and Dad. Thanks for making me. Hah!
  2. To Vicky, Teho, Francesca, and Chung. Thanks for treating me out to lunch today!
  3. To Phoebe, Jorge, Tina, Chris, Jonny, Pat, Dave, Heather, Dennis, Jung, Koo, Peter, and Julie. Thank you all for a lovely surprise birthday celebration where I got to do nothing but laugh my head off with the people that have made me feel at home in New Jersey.
  4. To the 100+ people that blew up my Facebook wall. Thank you for literally showing me how beautifully, fantastically diverse my friends are.

And there were about 10 more people who posted after I had taken this screen shot. Holy cow!

I am so excited for this upcoming 2011…I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Twenty Four. That number is music to my ears.

No work today, thanks to the several inches of snow that fell upon NJ/NY~

So Mini-G and I went out to clear my car of snow and have a little bit of fun while at it.

I would have uploaded a few more activities, but after about 5 of my neighbors had come up to me and questioned why I was building a tiny snowman on my car and taking photos, I got tired of answering and went back inside. Lol. it’s not easy having an imaginary mini-cartoon version of myself.

Worth it, though!

After an entire week of sleeping 8-hours a night, eating delicious Mom-cooked foods, and watching obscene amounts of television, going back to work was…an adjustment.

Has it really only been one day of work? I think I’m ready for my next vacation Haha!

I left my computer charger at home over Christmas and have been computer-less for the past couple of days…

But thanks to some nice peoples, I am now fully charged and ready to go!

Happy New Years, my friends ❤

2010 was an uphill kind of year, but I fully anticipate the adventures involved with 2011. I’m so ready to fly through this new year. When I write an entry in 2012, I pray that it will be filled with lovely memories.

Usually, around this time, people on the Webernet go through their top ten favorite memories and looks-back at 2010. Here are mine.

  1. Haiti: This one event changed my outlook on life eternally. I am so grateful to everyone I was able to meet.
  2. I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller: This blog was my first step to publicly express myself creatively, and the response was so much more generous that I had expected. Thank you all.
  3. Shanghai/Korea: The traveling was exhausting and difficult physically, but I was so inspired by everything that I saw…It was an architect’s paradise!
  4. My LEED Accreditation: I thought that I would never pass this exam. Thank you, God, for mercifully letting me pass!!!
  5. ISA New York 2010: Aside from getting to see my favorite YouTube artists and hang out with my lovely friends, I had never felt so proud of being an Asian American. It was an eye-opening experience.
  6. HD: My HD class/group/family at Metro…I learned so much from these brothers and sisters, and man…I am so grateful for their life stories and perspectives on life.
  7. Christmas 2010: Talk about a taste of Heaven. Want to see a clip? Click HERE to see what I’m raving about.
  8. A New Job: After December 2009’s disappointing job incident, being granted a brand new job opportunity in January 2010 was an unexpected surprise and blessing. Praise God!
  9. The Random Moments: From cliff diving, to meeting Far East Movement, to seeing 2PM, meeting the Wondergirls in Chelsea, to the Metro Football Team winning their 2nd Year Championship…all these little happy random moments were awesome.
  10. Every Day, Really: God blessed/protected me and my family every single day. I love them so much, and am grateful for every day we have together in health and happiness.

What are your favorite memories?

I was fortunate to ring in the New Year with my closest friends in New Jersey. It was a little bit chaotic stuffing 40 people in a little room (as you will see in this video), but I wanted to share this little moment with you all.

Happy New Year~

A Cartoon Stuck in a Real Girl’s Body

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