The adventure continues…

Duhn duhn DUUUUUHN!

What will happen next??? Find out in this Sunday’s continuation of whatever this mini-series is going to be called!

On a separate note…

WE REACHED $900!!! A special thank you to the following generous donors who have helped the New Mercy Project reach their goal in less than 3 weeks time!

  • Jason Kim
  • Timothy Duffy
  • John Yum
  • Steve Hickerson
  • Tracey Tiernan
  • David Woo
  • Peter Whang
  • Faith Whang
  • Peter Kang
  • Angel Vega
  • Robert Armitage

You still have one week left to contribute to the Christmas Dinner and get a photo comic!

This Thanksgiving, let’s pay our own personal blessing forward by saving these kids’ lives.

Happy Thanksgiving~ Eat well…just…not TOO well…if you know what I mean…