Lucky Number 24!

Happy 24th to me & Happy 7th to Mini-Grace

I am so blessed. Thank you to everyone who has made this birthday especially memorable:

  1. To Mom and Dad. Thanks for making me. Hah!
  2. To Vicky, Teho, Francesca, and Chung. Thanks for treating me out to lunch today!
  3. To Phoebe, Jorge, Tina, Chris, Jonny, Pat, Dave, Heather, Dennis, Jung, Koo, Peter, and Julie. Thank you all for a lovely surprise birthday celebration where I got to do nothing but laugh my head off with the people that have made me feel at home in New Jersey.
  4. To the 100+ people that blew up my Facebook wall. Thank you for literally showing me how beautifully, fantastically diverse my friends are.

And there were about 10 more people who posted after I had taken this screen shot. Holy cow!

I am so excited for this upcoming 2011…I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Twenty Four. That number is music to my ears.