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Beards for a cause!

Today’s featured photo comic is for Peter Kang from Maryland, who has also been put onto the New Mercy Project’s featured donor list! Thank you for your generous donation~

Not only did Peter generously donate to the New Mercy Project, but he also is remaining bearded for the entire month of November!

It started out just for fun because one of my co-workers mentioned it.  No Shave November.  But as I began and I read up on it, there’s a greater cause behind it.  My search led me to, where registered members grow out their moustaches/beard to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male health illnesses.” -Peter Kang

There you have it!

Don’t forget to donate while you still can! Only 15 photo comics are left!!!

We are more than halfway there! $500 dollars in! Thank you!

Ahh, finally a weekend to recover.

My cold is finally almost gone, I got to sleep in, and I got to pamper myself a bit after my bathtimes.

Unfortunately, Mini-Grace wanted in on that action and wouldn’t leave me alone.

You must be this tall to use a hair straightener, Mini-Grace.

Anywhoo, this week should be much better and filled with comics and such. September was quite the chaotic month, and thanks to everything that went awry, I have quite a few fun little comics to draw and share with you all.

Love your faces. Bye!

A Cartoon Stuck in a Real Girl’s Body

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