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This past weekend has been one of the best I’ve had all year.

And after I gave Mini-Grace her present, I think that she can probably say the same thing.

Went to Costco to pick up my new glasses today.

According to the lady who was helping me, my prescription was horribly out of date. When she asked me when my last eye check-up was, I was embarrassed to tell her that it was 7 years ago.

It’s been a while.

So I got me a shiny new pair!

Too bad for Mini-Grace, she was definitely not used to seeing me in my glasses.

To her credit, I did go as a nerd two years ago.


My costume this year will be just as goofy.

In the meantime, I’m going to get used to my new glasses.

PS: RIP Old purple pair. You have served me well and faithfully the past 7 years.

I was cutting through the Bass Pro Shop at the Arundel Mills Mall

…When I saw a gigantic crate full of gigantic plush fish.

Despite the fact that I was a grown woman, I could not help it. I had to have one.

I grabbed the biggest one I could find, and proudly carried it all the way across the store and onto the cashier’s table.

Even though I had just finished shopping for a couple of nice outfits on killer sales at other stores, I think that my favorite purchase of the day was the one I made on my way back to the car.

(It’s also a lot of fun to wack little sisters over the head with.)

I think that I’ll name it Wade, after Jeremy Wade of River Monsters.

Tonight, I will be sleeping with the fishes.

Well…one fish, that is.

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