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Between the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, I’ve been spending a lot of time indoors.

The fun events I was planning on partaking in this weekend were unfortunately cancelled, but I’m glad that everyone was playing things safe and staying indoors and out of harm’s way.

As I was sitting in front of the computer, I tried to think of things to write up for my comic.

I thought of covering the earthquake, but I think everyone has heard enough stories about the over-hyped event.

I was then going to write about Hurricane Irene, but (thank God), nothing too dramatic has occurred in my area.

I had no more ideas. The winds and rain were bad enough to prevent me from leaving to gain inspiration, so I thunked my head on the window and tried to think a comic into existence.

It’s a really good thing that I have a quirky sister who noticed my frustration and knew just what to do to make me laugh.

Lol, slightly inappropriate, but it was so random that it made me laugh.

Peter has already left for his last year of college, and Faith is about to go in for her very first. She is all growed up now~

I pray that everyone on the east coast is safe and sound during this hurricane.

I’ll just pass my time watching old Disney movies and Singing in the Rain~

It was time for me to get a grown-up person’s computer.

With this blog and the projects I have in store for the future, I knew that it was time to upgrade. Introducing, the iMac!!!

As much as I love mini things…this is in no way miniature…but I still love it so~

I finally showed Mini-Grace my new setup, and she had the same reaction I did when I first laid eyes on this behemoth of a computer.

Those were her actual words when she saw caught me caressing the iMac’s 27″ screen yesterday…when I thought that no one was around.

Thanks to Momma Whang for her cameo~ I’ve heard from many of you how much you enjoy the ‘rents being in my comics, so I’ll try to bring them in more often.

I will post the final video (now that the compy is all set up) this week. Good night!

My special project has finally begun!

To be honest, it may not seem like a project to other people, but as I have never video edited before, it took me much longer than expected and became quite the pet project for me.

Anyways, here’s Day 1 of my family’s time in Orlando~ I hope you enjoy and look forward to the other days to come!

Haven’t done this since last July, so I thought I’d bring it back again~

My Top #5 Music Videos that I’ve been watching over and over again recently:

#5 Bloom (Disney Remix) by Pogo

If you know me, you know that I love Disney Princesses, electronic beats, and mashups. Someone was just brilliant enough to combine a few of my favorite things. Thanks to Erick Fix of Robotic Raptor Studios for sending me this link, and be sure to check out his videos (they’re amazing)!

#4 Don’t Go Home by GD & TOP (of Big Bang)
(Click on the “CC” button for English subtitles)

This concept for this song is…I dunno…just adorable, and I couldn’t help but love it. Plus, the song itself is upbeat and catchy and fun, so here it is~

#3 Hands Up by 2PM
(Click on the “CC” button for English subtitles)

I have to admit that I didn’t want to like this song the first time I heard it, but before I knew it, I was singing this song under my breath while jogging on the treadmill and I knew it was over. I was hooked.

#2 K-POP Til the World Ends by DJ Masa
(Click on the “CC” button for English subtitles)

As part of his bi-annual routine, Brazilian DJ Masa recently released the 2011, first-half-mashup of top 40 K-Pop hits. To be honest, the mashup is better than the majority of these 40 individual songs on their own.

#1 Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

Shuffling, spoofing of zombie-apocalpyse flicks, LMFAO, and Quest Crew. I can’t find a single thing to complain about. Whenever I heard this song, I bust out shuffling. True story. Did it in the grocery store the other day in the canned vegetable aisle.

I know what you’re probably all saying, “GRACE, NO COMIC?! I WANTS COMIC! RAWR!”

I know, I know, but aside from work, I’ve been busy preparing a new project for this blog, and hopefully, by next week, you all will get to enjoy it, so keep checking back~

Don’t forget, another Faith Friday coming your way in two days! Check check check it out!

And cold is coming! Tomorrow’s a low of 1 degree F! AHH!

And if you have to get around…

…well, just imagine you’re a giant inchworm and scrunch your way across the floor.

It snowed today, and I couldn’t help but get excited for the winter~!

Okay, the “snow” was really just a dusting of flurries, but they were still really pretty.

As Christmas comes rushing towards us, I am doing my best to keep in mind (pardon the cliche), the real reason for the season.

Amidst the busyness of the city, the packed schedule, the late nights, and the lingering worries in the back of my mind of what my future holds, I find peace in remembering how much He loves us…that He would send His only Son to save us all.

I’m so grateful for where God has taken me this year. It’s been a rough patch of events, but I believe that He allowed me to grow up a little bit through those experiences.

And in the same way, I hope that my goals and passion grow up in the same way in 2011.

Stay warm, lovely readers~


I love being an American.

Sure, America is flawed in many ways, but I wouldn’t have had such a musical magical fancy free night anywhere else in the world.

It started off with my friends Vicki and Grace. The three of us went to the Chelsea Theater in Manhattan for the Sound of Music’s 45th Anniversary, where they held a Sound of Music Sing-A-Long.

We are SO Ready to Sing Along (and thanks, Mom, for the roasted peanuts~)

(If you’re a fan of the Sound of Music, find a showing near you!)

These Sisters were REALLY Ready to Sing Along!

I not-so-surprisingly had SO MUCH FUN. If you knew me as a kid, I used to memorize, word-for-word, every old-school Disney VHS in existence. I even owned all of the sing-a-long videos and watched them till the tape wore out.

I felt like a little kid again, following the sing-a-long text at the bottom of the screen, and even clapped along with the rest of the audience. FUN!

All in all, a SPLENDID time.

(Click below to see my bootlegged capturing of “My Favorite Things”)

After the movie was over, and after I said good-night to my friends, I traveled into the subway systems of NYC to head on home.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t really paying attention and ended up taking the wrong train a bit too far. When I realized how far off I was, I immediately got off of the car to backtrack. (I do this more often than you may think.)

That’s when I got another taste of awesome musicality.

I never had a chance to get his name, but this one guy had been serenading all of the impatient NYC commuters with some Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, and even Usher~ While I rarely ever tip the people singing in the subway systems, this guy was good. And he actually made my wait enjoyable. So a tip he got, and the vid below I shot. Let it Buuuuuurnnn~

I had to make a transfer on my way back, and I saw an elderly gentleman providing some old-timey entertainment as a miniature version of a one-man-band.

Maybe not as talented, but it still made me nostalgic of the music I used to hear on the Ocean City Boardwalk as a kid.

As I am preparing to leave for Haiti this Saturday, I am realizing more than ever how much we take for granted here. Things may be tough right now, but at least I can live in a society where I can draw comics, blog freely, and if I wanted to, dress like a Nun, run around in costume, sing “The Hills are Alive” at the top of my lungs, and do it all without fear or shame.

Sorry, no Friday Feature this week. Today was crazy, and almost fatal…and I’m kind of spent…

I was driving home on the 2-lane southbound highway of the New Jersey Turnpike. About 2 hours into my drive, I felt a strange drift in my car. The drifting then turned into rumbling. Slightly panicked, I slowed my car down to turn onto the left shoulder when my left rear tire blew out.

The tire made a very large popping noise and smoke billowed out as the metal of my rims began to scrape onto the asphalt.

My car swerved violently and ultimately, I lost control. With the concrete divider to my left and an 18-wheeler to my right, the only thing that passed through my mind was one phrase: “God, please save me.”

Before I knew it, my car had come to a stop, inches from the highway divider. I had pulled over safely with not a scratch on my car or myself. Heart pounding and eyes watering from the smoke coming from my car, I fumbled for my phone and dialed AAA.

(If you don't get the reference, Youtube "Blood, It's Not Funny")

As I waited, I let my parents know the situation, and as I waited for AAA to arrive, I thanked God over and over for saving my cute little butt from a potentially fatal situation.

The icing on the cake was that the AAA guy that came to change out my tire was super nice. He even guessed my age to the year. When I asked him how he knew, he said proudly, “I have a daughter that’s 23. That’s how I can tell.” With fatherly care, he took care of everything in 15 minutes and helped me organize my stuff before seeing me off.


I don’t know what the point of this story is, other than to thank God for saving me. Yeah. That’s all~

Oh! And drive safe!

Yesterday was amazing. Simply amazing…

Not only for the free concert that Far East Movement was holding, but the fact that a group that I’ve been following for years has finally “made it”, becoming the first Asian-American group to hit the mainstream, hitting #2 on the Billboard Charts and going Platinum on their new album “Free Wired.” With Bruno Mars @ #1 on the Billboards, that means the top two mainstream songs right now are by Asian American artists…WOW.


FM in the House


Times are a-changing, and while I have always had “Asian Pride”, I have to say that right now, I am even prouder to be an Asian American.

The concert was smaller than I expected, in terms of turnout. But that led to a more intimate environment where my friend Diana and I got to spend a few minutes actually talking to FM and getting pictures and autographs.


No no, thank YOU.


I was shocked at how humble and classy the guys were. They all shook everyone’s hands (2-handed shakes, Asian style!) and sincerely thanked us for coming to support their new album release.

I meanwhile thanked them for putting Asian Americans on the mainstream map, and they were grateful for all the words of support that came from each fan that stopped by to congratulate them.


3 Fingers Up for FM...sorry to J-Splif (who's on the other side of the camera)


I really hope that this part of them doesn’t change as they continue to dominate the charts.

After the concert, they were surprised on stage by their record label, who congratulated them for officially just going platinum. I was so happy for them. They’ve come a long way, and they’ve worked really hard to get where they are today. They deserve it.

Okay, I think I’m done gushing now 🙂


PLEASE SUPPORT FM: Go to their website HERE to see how!

Long time no update!


In my defense, I’ve been a busy, busy girl 🙂

First, there was the International Secret Agents concert in NYC. I took over 100 photos and videos of the young and talented Asian American artists that took the stage at Webster Hall (which can all be found HERE). My friends and I were lucky enough to get close the stage (standing-room only) and though I was star-struck, I felt completely at home with the artists I watched from the comfort of my laptop every night.

They really blew me away, and made me very very proud to be a young Asian American artist. Represent~

The amazing line-up included:

Wong Fu Productions (With my future husband Phil Wang, and a newly engaged Ted Fu!)

Far East Movement (Fly Like A G6)

Quest Crew (Truly worthy of the ABDC title)

KevJumba (Who is going to be on The Amazing Race with his Dad!)

NigaHiga (Who previewed his new full-length film…which looks HILARIOUS)

David Choi (Who made a super fan out of me with his flawless vocals)

David Garibaldi (And his jaw-dropping ability to create gigantic paintings in minutes)

And sooooo much more.

All in all, a memorable and highly entertaining night.

During their segment, FM rocked the house with something old…

And something new…

Later on, I went down to Orlando, Florida (for work of course…sadly…no Disney World), and the weather treated us very kindly (thank GOD). Work was good, and our client/host gave us the royal treatment…

…But now that I am back home in the coziness of my tiny but homey apartment, I can honestly say that there really is no place like home.

I got to clean (an actual hobby of mine) and do laundry…and I don’t know about you, but I LOVE wrapping myself in my comforter right after it comes out of the dryer!


Mini-Grace does, too.


I’ll be in Maryland for Labor Day weekend to hang with the fam…one last time before I leave for Shanghai/Seoul. And then I go to Haiti. Phew!

Hmmm…I suppose I’ll just have to enjoy being home while I can. Goodnight!

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