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My dad is a practical joker and is fascinated by gross things.

A very dangerous combination.

I was eating dinner last night, minding my own business, when my Dad decided to come on up and show me something.

Not gonna lie, I almost puked. As many of you know by now, I HATE BUGS. I will bungee jump off of the world’s tallest tower without hesitation, but I will NOT touch an insect unless my very life is on the line, let alone a wasp-parasite-infested-caterpiller.

Ugh. Ugh! UGH!

But…if you’re weird and interested in that kind of stuff, you can see a high-res of the parasite caterpillar zombie my dad found HERE.

Did you click the link? Gross.

UPDATE: I found out that the hornworm caterpillar that was covered in parasites was actually being a huge pest in my mom’s tomato garden, so I’m kind of glad it was getting consumed.

Plus, I learned that when they transform, they turn into one of THESE.

AUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHH!!! If I had to rank my least favorite bugs, moths are my number one!

So good riddance, and good job, little waspies!


Are you sick of seeing my face, yet?

Here’s another video! Enjoy!

Only one more to go, and the comics come back. Hang in there!

I’m on a mission to lose weight in a healthy way.

Instead of crash dieting, I’m trying to monitor more of what I intake, along with regular exercise at least 3 times a week, to slowly but more permanently shed the lbs.

Still, it doesn’t come without its own share of difficulties and struggles.


Everything about this story is true…I just happened to find my pillow on the floor later that morning.

Fortunately, the ends do justify the means.

One more week to go! I’m hoping to lose 3-4 more pounds, and I’ll be at my fitness peak~ Wish me luck!

Are your ready for the debut of Faith Fridays?

No? Too bad!

Here it is, brought to you fresh from the hands of my sister Faith, so enjoy!


Happy Memorial Day, everyone! God Bless America~

I love getting Monday’s off.

The Whang Family celebrated an American Memorial Day BBQ style with a Korean twist.

And I thought to myself, the beautiful thing about this country is that there is so much cultural diversity here. So I’m going to spread some of that diverse love by teaching you all how to BBQ, Korean style.

(Just for your reference, when I mention “kochujang“, I am talking about a Korean Chili Paste/Sauce that is fannnntastic~)

Prepare to drool.

And there you have it. Give it a try sometime, or stop on by the Whang casa to try it first hand~

And a huge “thank you” to all who have served and are currently serving in the U.S. Military.

It’s kind of a process.

Hello my lovely readers! Long time no see/blog/etc.!

I managed to clock in almost 80 hours this week at work, and all of my comic ideas were sadly put on standby, where they sat and grew fat and flabby.

Like my butt.

Around 11 pm on Wednesday night at my office, I turned around and looked in the mirror in the bathroom and saw that nastiness. While proper dieting has allowed my waist to get close to my ideal size, my bottom (due to weeks of inactivity) had unfortunately not followed suit.

So I’m back to hitting the gym hard. I signed up at Lifetime Fitness, and am thoroughly enjoying the top-of-the-line facilities that they have available.

True story: I actually bruised my chin because of that weird ab-roller wheel thingy. I obviously have a long way to go to getting back to my ideal shape, but signing up for a gym was the first step in getting the ball rolling.

I feel so much better physically and mentally because of working out, and I am going to start working out with a trainer very soon. I’m sure that will be a comic in itself~

Wish me (and my badonkadonk) luck! And look forward to more posts now that I’m on a decent schedule again!

Thanks for your patience~

Dear Mom,

I know what you’re thinking.

I am such a deep poet, aren’t I?

If you don’t know already, my mom is a Queen among queens…

That has to deal with an interesting family.

A really…really interesting family.

I mean…a really, really, really interesting family.

We wish we were as cute as her…

…but wishing and being are two different things.

(I think that I look a lot more like my cartoon character in the last frame above.)

If it were not for Mom, we would not be the people we are today. So thank God for Mom!

We love you, Mom, and are so blessed to have such an amazing mother like you. Thank you for your sacrifice, for your love, for bringing our entire family to Christ, for fighting hard for our success, for your strength, and for you being the exemplary mother that I pray that I can be one day.

Happy Mother’s Day!

As promised, here is the experience I had at Starbucks.

And then they asked me to leave.

No, I’m just kidding. But the first 5 panels of this comic were totally true.

I am super curious about the whole “Dirty” thing, and am tempted to try the last 3 panels and see what happens.


Today was my very last official day at work in NYC! It was a long last day (got home around 10:30 pm), but full of closure.

Put the finishing touches on my projects before handing them off to my associate, and I closed the book to this chapter in my life. Tomorrow I will go into the office to grab my little box of things before I head on out of the city for the last time.

It’s definitely bittersweet. I learned so much from my boss and from the work I was exposed to. New York City was an experience in itself, and there are definitely things that I will miss from it.

On a brighter note, I had a very interesting experience the other day at a Starbucks, and was planning on drawing a comic from it. But as it’s already 11:30 pm and I very much want to take a bath, that’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s blog!

Stay tuned!

I had a weird dream last night.

In this dream, I was cooking and tried to pull a hot roast out of the oven. The weird part was that the rack was mounted way over my head and I had to strain and reach in order to get it.

Well, this is kind of what went down.

And then I woke up.

I wonder what it means?

Oh hush up.

. . .

Sweet dreams, everyone.


A Cartoon Stuck in a Real Girl’s Body

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