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I wish you could all be here with me right now.

I am sitting on the rooftop of Grace International’s Children’s Hospital in Carrefour, which is the same place where our team will be staying over the next several days. The sun, which was relentlessly beating down on us during the day has just slipped beneath the horizon and has allowed the stars to come out in indescribable numbers and vibrancies. Orion’s Belt has never looked so clear and bright, and as I type this post, I can’t help but be distracted by how beautiful our God is.

The breeze is sweet, and I feel…at peace. So amazingly at peace. In the midst of destruction, rubble, and chaos…there is a quiet and stillness in my heart that I just can’t find when I’m at home in the States.

And I think that it’s only when you are at a level of complete vulnerability that you truly realize how much you NEED God. And that there is a peace that comes with knowing how NOT in control you are.

This morning, the prayers and covering that came from all of you have allowed us to experience an uncanny amount of travel mercies. Despite having to get up at 2am, our team had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy our drive to Dulles without any traffic or speed traps. At the airport, we had our very own heaven-sent “angel” of an American Airlines representative, who not only allowed us to check in our extra bags (which were full of your donations and medical supplies) for FREE, but also allowed us to upgrade our plane seating arrangements for free. All of our bags met the weight limit by a few pounds, and even as we went to go through security screening, a brand new line opened up just for us and allowed us to bypass the early morning rush. And when we landed in Haiti, none of our bags were missing any supplies, and the customs representatives didn’t even bother to stop us from bringing anything in.

The first thing I noticed when we landed was how nice the airport was compared to 2 years ago. Right after the earthquake of 2010 hit, there was no roof, no lighting, and no fans in the baggage claim and immigrations area. This time, it was fully finished, and the chaos that used to be was now orderly, clean, and manageable.

When we finally got out of the airport, I saw a sight for sore eyes. My friend Chris, who we met the first time we were in Haiti, was there to pick us up with a hug and a smile. It felt like only yesterday when I saw him last, but he looks older, as I probably do to him.

The drive to Grace International was nothing short of incredible to me. The smoke, the dust, the smell…all of the things that had blinded and choked us in 2010 were gone. The traffic and mobs of people? Gone. The piles of rubble? Stacked and replaced by new construction.

I saw hope. After 2 years of struggling, determination and perseverance, Haiti is finally showing signs of progress and tangible hope.

But for the team members who had never been to Haiti, they found it difficult to join in our enthusiasm, as the remaining signs of destruction were still difficult to comprehend and digest.

Once we were inside the compound, we were immediately greeted by Madame Jeune and her son, Michael, who took us on a comprehensive tour of Grace Village. The most immediate change that I saw was the number of tents that were missing from the campus’ plots of land. And I found out that it was because the 25,000 people that were originally staying there had dwindled down to 10,000, as Grace International provided their people a means to move on and live in actual housing instead of tents.

As we were guided throughout the campus, we were informed of both the latest developments and the recent struggles that had popped up at Grace International. Nevertheless, the running theme throughout our walkthrough was how God had and continued to use people to provide for the needs of the Haitians. Despite the improper use of donations from big-name corporations, despite political corruption, despite the evils of human nature, despite the overwhelming number of issues that still needed to be dealt with…God sent people, volunteers, churches, synagogues, and small organizations that were willing to donate funds and supplies to the one cause that spoke to them most until the cause fulfilled. And the combination of everyone removing one issue each ultimately added up to a very big difference. And it was noticeable.

More than ever, I realize how important it is that we (that means you and me, my lovely readers!) continue to focus on the cause of the Lord’s Kitchen and getting these children fed. This was the one important cause that God specifically laid on my heart, and I want to see this huge issue crossed off Grace International’s list for good.

Tomorrow, our team is going to be doing the Lord’s Kitchen, to feed the children with the funds that you donated. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, and we will do our part on the ground in Haiti to show your love to the Haitian children here.

Love your faces. See you tomorrow!

PS: I was blessed enough to find two of my old friends while in Haiti! Chris AND Big Bebe! I’m still praying that I find Clemen~


I am in love. defines “Love” as “…a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.”

And I have that kind of tender, passionate affection for my kids in Haiti.

In exactly one week, a small team and myself will be going back to Haiti to re-visit Grace International. And this time, when we go, we will be bringing far more resources (financial and medical) than we did the first time we went. I praise God for His provision and for moving the hearts of the donors who generously gave last Sunday and look forward to seeing Him move next week as we prepare and continue to fundraise.

(If you want to see the video that was shown last Sunday, click the image below):

While I am abroad, I will be attempt to update this blog every day, journaling what I see and what I experience. And I hope that you all will keep me and my teammates in your thoughts and prayers as we travel next week.

A personal mission of mine is to find a little girl named Clemen that I met a year and a half ago. Lord willing, whether or not she remembers me, I want to sponsor her and reconnect with her.

There is so much to look forward to. Thank you all for your donations, your support, and for your encouragement.

See you on the other side!!

Phew! 2011 is OVAH, and 2012 is HERE!

According to the WordPress Summary Report I got yesterday:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 13,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

(Click the image above for the full statistics!)


That’s a lot of love. Thank you all for making 2011 the most successful year yet for my blog!

Since Christmas, I have been reflecting on the past year, and how much has changed in my life since last January

  1. In January, I rang in the New Year with my friends in New Jersey, and spent the rest of the month battling icy sidewalks, broken apartment heaters, and searching for my snow-buried car.
  2. In February, I continued to deal with crazy NYC Metro incidents, and Starbucks came out with their new “Trenta”-sized coffee.
  3. In March, I talked dirty to the Starbucks baristas, got bitten by a Vampider, and packed my bags to move back to the MD/DC area to work as an architect!
  4. In April, I shot my very first firearm, and shared trade secrets, including how to avoid bedtime bugs and how to make their very own photo comics~
  5. In May, I enjoyed my mother’s amazing cooking, tried to bring sexy back, almost accidentally killed my brother, and went fishing for river monsters.
  6. In June, I practiced my golf swing at the range, and tried to convince a stranger that I didn’t fart in an elevator.
  7. In July, my family went to Orlando’s Islands of Aventure, Faith gave a shot at making her own comics, and I pondered deeply on what my Prius would look like if it was a Transformer
  8. In August, I broke down and finally got myself a new computer, and experienced one of the most disgusting things in my life, and it was all my dad’s fault.
  9. In September, I went fossil hunting with my dad, helped my grandfather get Sex on the Beach, and had a stranger’s butt too close for comfort to my face.
  10. In October, I got myself some new glasses, and learned how to deal with my Dad’s creeping and my Mom’s backseat Facebook driving.
  11. In November, I began my very first Mini-Series comics (in which my own boss cameo’d), celebrated 11/11/11 at 11:11 am, and started my own Non-Profit Organization for Haiti by selling my comics.
  12. Finally, in December, I got to try my hand out again as a photographer, gingerbread architect, and singer/dancer.

What in the world could 2012 possibly bring? 2011 had a new job, new lifestyle, new locale, new friends, and a new look for me. I lost 15 lbs, started a non-profit that raised over $1000 in a month’s time, worked for a job that I absolutely love, and am the happiest I have been in a long time. I have no idea, but I have a really good feeling that God is still going to outdo 2011~

My own goals for 2012 include becoming fully licensed as an architect by the end of 2012, taking the New Mercy Project to the next level, and Lord willing (as corny as it may sound), finding love.

And no worries, lovely readers. I’ll be sure to take you all on this journey with me. Here’s to 2012~

새해 복 많이 받으세요!


PS: If you wanted the rest of the Christmas Videos I took, I’ve put them below!



And by darling, I mean you, lovely reader~

Merry Christmas! I hope and pray that you all had a fantastic Christmas today!

My weekend was filled with good times, a fun and entertaining musical production at Bridgeway Community Church, and later on, a wonderful get-together with my Bridgeway, New Hope, and immediate family.

What can I say? I have a very big family.

Lots of dancing, singing, eating, laughing, worshipping, and other goods stuffs went down, and I’ll eventually get to documenting it all~


I also made a little something special for Mini-Grace for Christmas, and tomorrow, I’ll show you what her reaction is! Look forward to it!

For more pictures of my weekend, click HERE.


People are already donating and reserving their Facebook Timeline banners~! YAY!

My sister was one of the earliest givers (thank you, Faithy~).

And seeing as how we live with each other, I started with her Timeline profile first.

Heck, I even whipped out the camera again to do some more photo-shooty action.

Again, the timeline banners don’t have to be of a comic, or interacting with your profile pictures, unless you want it to. I promise to make your wildest Facebook Timeline dreams come true~

Love you all. Are you ready for Christmas??? D-3!!!

Annnd, here are the full-sized versions of the photos I took of Faithy. You know. Just for fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She so purty.

Phew. Is anyone else having to deal with crazy schedule juggling this time of year, or is it just me?

Anyway, I’m pleased to update you all with some news about the Haiti Project I was working on:

Over the past month and a half, 16 donors have sent in enough money to fund the Lord’s Kitchen weekly feeding program for almost three weeks: the equivalent of providing 3,500 meals!

So that you can see that 100% of your donations were given directly to Grace International, I documented the donation process HERE. We will also be receiving a progress report directly from Grace International, so that you can see exactly how your donations are being used.

Thank you again for everyone’s generous donations, and I encourage others, if you haven’t already, to donate! I will personally be going to Haiti this February, and all the proceeds that we raise between today and then, I will hand-deliver to the feeding program at Grace International, and will document everything!

To encourage you all again, I thought that I could throw out another giveaway gift process.

If you have Facebook, and you have the new Timeline, you’ll probably want something unique and fun, right?

For the first 20 people to donate over $30, I will make you a cool, unique profile picture, and it doesn’t have to have a cartoon in it!

I do graphic design work, too, so if you have a vision, I will make it so.

The rules are the same:

  1. Between now and February, I will make up to 20 profile pics for you lovely readers.
  2. Here’s the catch: If you want the photo comic, you have to go and donate a minimum of $30 to support the children’s feeding program in Haiti.
  3. Once you’ve donated, send an e-mail to with your name, and a high res, creative photo of yourself and a write-up of your vision.

And that’s it!

Love your faces. Time for me to crash. It’s almost Christmas~!

Thanks for your patience~ I’m back!

What a month! December has been pretty crazy with work, Haiti, and getting ready for the Christmas Musical.

But~ I am so excited about all of these projects and what’s to come.

2012 is going to be a great year, I can feel it!

Love your faces, my lovely readers. Thanks for an amazing year, and keep posted for more comics and videos!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week for me.

I apologize, my lovely readers, but Mini-Grace and I are going to take a week-long hiatus to get our bearing’s straight and catch up on some sleep~

The mini-series conclusion will be up next Sunday! Love your faces!

PS: 20,000 hits in a year and a half! Thank you for reading!!!

Sorry for the late upload! Here it is~.

A big “thank-you” to David (my awesome boss) for not only agreeing to be in this comic, but allowing me to bring Mini-Grace with me for an in-office photo shoot~

The epic conclusion to this mini-series will be up on Sunday! To be continued!

The plot thickens…

Hang in there, lovely readers. More shenanigans to be had this upcoming Wednesday  Thursday!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday!

My family certainly did!

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Whang Gang.

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