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When I have a lot of things on my mind, I have a habit of talking in my sleep.

And since the past few weeks have been filled with all sorts of things, my nights have subsequently been filled with tons of talk.

A co-worker of mine let me know about a fun little app called “Sleep Talk Recorder,” which (like the name says), records your sleep talking. I set it to record one night, and this is what happened:

Super creepy.

I don’t even remember what the context of that phrase was in my dreams!

Hear it for yourself below:

What do YOU think I was dreaming about?

Pop Quiz, Hot-shot.

I was watching one of my favorite British Youtubers the other day, and he did a psychology test that I found fascinating.

Clear your mind and follow along.

Ready to find out what your imagination says about you? Read on!

The Cube: This is how you view yourself and your surroundings.

I suppose this means that I see myself as a shiny, but fragile object: easy to see through, but also reflective and equips others to see themselves better, too.

The Ladder: This represents your friends.

The wooden ladder is standing strong on its own, which many of my friends do, and have the potential to bring me to a higher level that I couldn’t get to by myself

The Horse: This symbolizes how you visualize your love interest/an important relationship that you are in.

I imagine my future mate to be someone that is “wild” and exotic, knowledgeable of the world and street-smart. But as it was calm, saddled and tamed, he has been refined and educated, and is ready to carry me out of the desert.

The Storm: This stands for the trouble in your life and how you view it.

The sandstorm I saw was caused by my surroundings, and not by nature (like a thunderstorm). I see that many of my problems aren’t caused by circumstance or any one person, but by the surroundings I put myself into. Fortunately, it was off in the distance and in the opposite direction of my horse, which hopefully alludes to how my relationship and my troubles won’t be linked.

The Flowers: These represent your children, how many you want, and show what kind of people you want them to be.

The several roses I saw were healthy and vibrant, even though they were lying on the desert floor. I see my children as standing out in their surroundings, being pruned, elegant, refined, and in full bloom no matter where they are.

Sooo…what did YOU see?

I’m back and feeling great!

I just took my very first ARE Exam, the Building Design and Construction Systems exam, and after the weeks of hitting the books, it’s a relief to know that I have one down, and only 6 more to go~

As promised from the last post, I’m pleased to reveal to you, the missing Avenger. I give you, ARCHIGIRL!

Whenever I watch superhero movies, I die a little bit on the inside.

All of those amazing buildings getting smashed to pieces…but then again, architects in the US of A could really use some more work…

…anyway, I think that it would be a wonderful idea to have a super Architect. Rebuilding the world, one destroyed building at a time!

Avengers, ASSEMBLE!

I am in love. defines “Love” as “…a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.”

And I have that kind of tender, passionate affection for my kids in Haiti.

In exactly one week, a small team and myself will be going back to Haiti to re-visit Grace International. And this time, when we go, we will be bringing far more resources (financial and medical) than we did the first time we went. I praise God for His provision and for moving the hearts of the donors who generously gave last Sunday and look forward to seeing Him move next week as we prepare and continue to fundraise.

(If you want to see the video that was shown last Sunday, click the image below):

While I am abroad, I will be attempt to update this blog every day, journaling what I see and what I experience. And I hope that you all will keep me and my teammates in your thoughts and prayers as we travel next week.

A personal mission of mine is to find a little girl named Clemen that I met a year and a half ago. Lord willing, whether or not she remembers me, I want to sponsor her and reconnect with her.

There is so much to look forward to. Thank you all for your donations, your support, and for your encouragement.

See you on the other side!!

My family and I went to go and see Transformers in 3D.

It wasn’t great, but at least it was entertaining.

One thing our family discussed at length after the movie was how cool it would be to have our very own Transformer.

Which then, of course, made me wonder…what if my car…my little blue-gray Prius was a Transformer???

Hmm…I think that I’ll name him Spike. (But only because the Transformers Name Generator told me that “Toyota Prius” translates into “Spike.”)

Just for fun, I put my entire family in:

Grace: Galvatron
Peter: Pipes
Faith: Hotspot
Mom: Percepter
Dad: Mixmaster

Somehow, all very appropriate and fun.

Okay, time for bed. Good night~

I’m on a mission to lose weight in a healthy way.

Instead of crash dieting, I’m trying to monitor more of what I intake, along with regular exercise at least 3 times a week, to slowly but more permanently shed the lbs.

Still, it doesn’t come without its own share of difficulties and struggles.


Everything about this story is true…I just happened to find my pillow on the floor later that morning.

Fortunately, the ends do justify the means.

One more week to go! I’m hoping to lose 3-4 more pounds, and I’ll be at my fitness peak~ Wish me luck!

It was a dark and stormy night…

Actually, it was a dry and extremely hot night, and I had a cold.

It’s funny how things that happen in real life tend to translate into one’s dreams.

I’m just glad that I didn’t have a dream about raining fire or something like that.

That could be bad.

Have you ever had this sort of thing happen to you?

I had a weird dream last night.

In this dream, I was cooking and tried to pull a hot roast out of the oven. The weird part was that the rack was mounted way over my head and I had to strain and reach in order to get it.

Well, this is kind of what went down.

And then I woke up.

I wonder what it means?

Oh hush up.

. . .

Sweet dreams, everyone.


I did something new today!

Rock climbing was very fun (thank you to the Liaw’s for inviting us out). The change of pace was refreshing and exciting.

And now that everything is over, my hands are super numb…typing is twice as hard as it should be. Even drawing today’s comic was difficult. But this is a numbness of victory. Mwahahaha!

Rock climbing is by no means easy. It pushes muscles in your arms that you didn’t even know you had. When you happen to slip and lose your grip, re-trying the same climb increases in difficulty as your energy depletes. Sweat pours down your face, your arms shake, and every nerve in your fingertips screams in pain.

But…the victory of touching the top of the climb creates a feeling of addicting satisfaction that surpasses any pain.

I had a particularly difficult time with one climb. I made it almost to the top, but no matter how many times I tried and tried, no matter how many times I forced my body to push past its limits, I just couldn’t get my arm to reach the final rock above my head.

The first time around, after my arms had given up, I also gave up. And when I was lowered to the bottom I was fuming in defeat.

But with the encouragement of my friends, I went to take the climb one more time. This go round, my friends and the experienced climber that both coached and monitored me shouted out directions and advice from their perspective. The second time was physically just as difficult as the first, if not more due to my fatigue.

But my friends did not let me give up. (Literally, my friend Suah yelled from below: “Don’t you dare give up. You HAVE to get up there. Don’t come down until you touch the top!”) Even though I wanted to get to the top quickly, I had to relax occasionally and take a break. I asked my coach for tips from below. And with one final burst of strength (and a little bit of help from the coach pulling my harness) I reached the top and touched the “X” that marked my goal.

I was drenched and in pain, but I had a huge grin on my face. It was so sweet.

A Book With A Cliffhanger

On my way home, I began to make associations between rock climbing and life.

Far, far above my head, there’s a goal that I am seeking to take hold of. On my own, I cannot reach that goal…it’s too high up and I am too short. But if I start climbing, I can go one step at a time to make my way closer and closer to my goal.

The climb is difficult and tiring, especially when you want to reach the top. And it requires many tries and there will always be failures. Mistakes can be painful and tiring, and giving up seems like the most viable option at hand. But with the help of friends to encourage you, experienced coaches/mentors to guide you (and give you an occasional push), and your own desire to make it to the top…

…you can make it to the top and enjoy the view from above.

Lord, be my coach and guide to the top of my personal mountain. Though the journey will be rough, I know You will show me the way to reach victory.

I am achieving my goals…

One step at a time.

A lovely present in the mail today!

Next on my list? Take over the world. Mwahahahahaha!

A Cartoon Stuck in a Real Girl’s Body

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