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Wait…does DC even count as “South?”

As you know, I am a clumsy person.

A very…VERY clumsy person.

On my way to work, I had another wipeout on the streets of DC. The laces on my high heel boots managed to get tangled and before I knew it, I had fallen off my bus and onto the sidewalk.

Fortunately, there were two other people walking by, who ran up to help pick up my bags (and body) off of the floor. It made me realize just how different DC was from NYC…

Despite the embarrassing tumble, I came to the realization that I am so blessed to be where I am today.

Last week, I was able to go to an Israel Houghton and New Breed concert in Gaithersberg, MD.

I was blown AWAY. I wish I had taken some pictures while I was there, but for once, I enjoyed the concert so much that I didn’t even touch my camera. 2 hours straight of non-stop worship. And it still ended too soon.

The Ravens may have lost today, but another week is on it’s way! Are you ready my lovely readers? Let’s see what God has in store!

This article is dedicated to my friend Jason Kim, who is dutifully and graciously serving our country in Afghanistan. Come home soon, brother!

And by darling, I mean you, lovely reader~

Merry Christmas! I hope and pray that you all had a fantastic Christmas today!

My weekend was filled with good times, a fun and entertaining musical production at Bridgeway Community Church, and later on, a wonderful get-together with my Bridgeway, New Hope, and immediate family.

What can I say? I have a very big family.

Lots of dancing, singing, eating, laughing, worshipping, and other goods stuffs went down, and I’ll eventually get to documenting it all~


I also made a little something special for Mini-Grace for Christmas, and tomorrow, I’ll show you what her reaction is! Look forward to it!

For more pictures of my weekend, click HERE.


Looks like my week-long vacation is going to need a short extension.

Sorry! With end-of-year work deadlines and a Christmas musical coming up , the finale to the mini-series will have to wait until Thursday.

(PS: you are ALL invited to the musical! Come and see me try to dance! Emphasis on “try!” Hit the link above for directions and times~)

Until then, enjoy the smooth sounds of some of my very talented friends from Bridgeway and New Hope.

Love your faces!

Yesterday was amazing. Simply amazing…

Not only for the free concert that Far East Movement was holding, but the fact that a group that I’ve been following for years has finally “made it”, becoming the first Asian-American group to hit the mainstream, hitting #2 on the Billboard Charts and going Platinum on their new album “Free Wired.” With Bruno Mars @ #1 on the Billboards, that means the top two mainstream songs right now are by Asian American artists…WOW.


FM in the House


Times are a-changing, and while I have always had “Asian Pride”, I have to say that right now, I am even prouder to be an Asian American.

The concert was smaller than I expected, in terms of turnout. But that led to a more intimate environment where my friend Diana and I got to spend a few minutes actually talking to FM and getting pictures and autographs.


No no, thank YOU.


I was shocked at how humble and classy the guys were. They all shook everyone’s hands (2-handed shakes, Asian style!) and sincerely thanked us for coming to support their new album release.

I meanwhile thanked them for putting Asian Americans on the mainstream map, and they were grateful for all the words of support that came from each fan that stopped by to congratulate them.


3 Fingers Up for FM...sorry to J-Splif (who's on the other side of the camera)


I really hope that this part of them doesn’t change as they continue to dominate the charts.

After the concert, they were surprised on stage by their record label, who congratulated them for officially just going platinum. I was so happy for them. They’ve come a long way, and they’ve worked really hard to get where they are today. They deserve it.

Okay, I think I’m done gushing now 🙂


PLEASE SUPPORT FM: Go to their website HERE to see how!

Long time no update!


In my defense, I’ve been a busy, busy girl 🙂

First, there was the International Secret Agents concert in NYC. I took over 100 photos and videos of the young and talented Asian American artists that took the stage at Webster Hall (which can all be found HERE). My friends and I were lucky enough to get close the stage (standing-room only) and though I was star-struck, I felt completely at home with the artists I watched from the comfort of my laptop every night.

They really blew me away, and made me very very proud to be a young Asian American artist. Represent~

The amazing line-up included:

Wong Fu Productions (With my future husband Phil Wang, and a newly engaged Ted Fu!)

Far East Movement (Fly Like A G6)

Quest Crew (Truly worthy of the ABDC title)

KevJumba (Who is going to be on The Amazing Race with his Dad!)

NigaHiga (Who previewed his new full-length film…which looks HILARIOUS)

David Choi (Who made a super fan out of me with his flawless vocals)

David Garibaldi (And his jaw-dropping ability to create gigantic paintings in minutes)

And sooooo much more.

All in all, a memorable and highly entertaining night.

During their segment, FM rocked the house with something old…

And something new…

Later on, I went down to Orlando, Florida (for work of course…sadly…no Disney World), and the weather treated us very kindly (thank GOD). Work was good, and our client/host gave us the royal treatment…

…But now that I am back home in the coziness of my tiny but homey apartment, I can honestly say that there really is no place like home.

I got to clean (an actual hobby of mine) and do laundry…and I don’t know about you, but I LOVE wrapping myself in my comforter right after it comes out of the dryer!


Mini-Grace does, too.


I’ll be in Maryland for Labor Day weekend to hang with the fam…one last time before I leave for Shanghai/Seoul. And then I go to Haiti. Phew!

Hmmm…I suppose I’ll just have to enjoy being home while I can. Goodnight!

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