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When I have a lot of things on my mind, I have a habit of talking in my sleep.

And since the past few weeks have been filled with all sorts of things, my nights have subsequently been filled with tons of talk.

A co-worker of mine let me know about a fun little app called “Sleep Talk Recorder,” which (like the name says), records your sleep talking. I set it to record one night, and this is what happened:

Super creepy.

I don’t even remember what the context of that phrase was in my dreams!

Hear it for yourself below:

What do YOU think I was dreaming about?

For fossils, that is.

Dad and I went off to West Virginia (as we are members of the Maryland Geological Society…NERD ALERT!) to go hunting for Trilobites.

The weather was great, and the pickings were good. Follow me!

For those of you guys that are wondering what the “MIOCENE” means on the license plate, Miocene is the geological epoch of the Neogene Period that extends from about 23 to 5 million years ago. And those people thought it was cool enough to have as their personalized plate.

. . .

Here I thought my “GWHANG” plates were hard core, but I was dead wrong.

To see another ridiculous license plate as well as more fossil hunting nerdiness, click HERE for photos of another trip that my Dad and I went to over a year ago.

Sorry for no comics this week, and for an overall lame month of blogging.

It’s been another 65+ hour week at my firm, and something tells me next week is going to be the same. I’ll maybe just not sleep one night to FINALLY get that photo comic out.

I’m gonna go and put massive amounts of anti-itch cream on my neck now. Those dang West Virginian mosquitoes ate me ALIVE!

My family and I went to go and see Transformers in 3D.

It wasn’t great, but at least it was entertaining.

One thing our family discussed at length after the movie was how cool it would be to have our very own Transformer.

Which then, of course, made me wonder…what if my car…my little blue-gray Prius was a Transformer???

Hmm…I think that I’ll name him Spike. (But only because the Transformers Name Generator told me that “Toyota Prius” translates into “Spike.”)

Just for fun, I put my entire family in:

Grace: Galvatron
Peter: Pipes
Faith: Hotspot
Mom: Percepter
Dad: Mixmaster

Somehow, all very appropriate and fun.

Okay, time for bed. Good night~

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