To all my lovely readers, Happy Valentine’s Day~

While it may be another year of a solo Valentine’s Day (25 years must be a record somewhere, right?), Goonies never say die! So here’s hoping for next year! Again!

As my gift to you, my virtual valentines, I’ll give you a fun little cultural tidbit/lesson about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in South Korea!


Did you know that, in Korea, there’s a day that allows all the single ladies and men to celebrate their singleness together?

Here’s how it breaks down:

February 14 (Valentine’s Day): Women give chocolate to men.

March 14 (White Day): Men give non-chocolate candy to women.

April 14 (Black Day): Those who did not receive anything on the 14th of February or March go to a Korean restaurant to eat black bean noodles called Jajangmyeon (짜장면) to “mourn” their single life together.

If you’re like me, the idea of Black Day is kind of hilarious.

Buuut…since I do enjoy Jajangmyeon, Black Day is certainly something that I can look forward to this year~

Love your faces. For those of you who do have Valentines this year, have a beautiful day together~

And to my fellow singles out there, don’t give up hope! Let’s go eat some noodles in April and look forward to next year!