Yay, an update!

It’s been an entire week since I’ve last updated, but it feels like it’s been longer for some reason.

I’ve been putting in quite a few hours at work, and had to spend most of yesterday in the office as well, so comics have been (unfortuanately) non-existant this week.

Sleep has been pretty hard to come by, too, which resulted in my transformation into a zombie at home.

Good thing Mom is good at fighting off zombies. (My poor chesticles are still sore from that punch.)


To answer the question I *know* is burning in your minds…

Yes, I do actually own a pair of leopard print pajamas.

Too, too sexy, I know.

I have an actual photo comic in the works for this week! If I can get home at a decent hour, I will do my best to get it up before the weekend!

Love you all, and thanks for continuing to read this blog!