After a hard workout, my sister and I love using the gym’s steam room.

The gym has a strict “Towel/Covering Required” rule…

…but some people take it as a suggestion instead.

One night, the gym was relatively empty, save a group of ahjummas (older Korean women) who were finishing up their time in the pool and showering. One of them decided to join Faith and me in the steam room.

My sister was horrified, but I felt otherwise. I’ve been lacking in funny things happening in my life, but this took the cake. I’ve never had such a gigantic pair of buttocks so close to my face in my life.

On a different note…

It seems like you guys (and my dad) tend to enjoy the more disgusting posts, especially after the amount of hits my blog got from that parasite-infested caterpillar.


Anyways, just for fun, I decided to pretend that I was one of those parasites and infest my dad-erpillar.

Pretty close, right?