…Made these girls cry.

Oh man, the last movie was so good~ All the hype aside, I was genuinely impressed by the last Harry Potter Movie and felt a sort of bittersweet closure to a chapter of my childhood. Good times, Harry. Good times.

Yes, it’s true, Faith and I did hold hands for the entire 2.5 hours!

Whether it was reading the books during middle and high school, watching the movies during high school and college, and even going to Harry Potter Land in Orlando last weekend, I was able to enjoy my time at Hogwarts for almost half of my life. And now it’s time to finally move on.

This summer, I read through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, re-read the Chronicles of Narnia, and finished the Hunger Games trilogy. I am having a hankering for a new great series, and hopefully, someone will come up with one soon. In the meantime, I’ll probably re-read the Lord of the Rings again. (SO GOOD!)

If any of you have any recommendations, please throw them my way, pronto!