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It’s kind of a process.

Hello my lovely readers! Long time no see/blog/etc.!

I managed to clock in almost 80 hours this week at work, and all of my comic ideas were sadly put on standby, where they sat and grew fat and flabby.

Like my butt.

Around 11 pm on Wednesday night at my office, I turned around and looked in the mirror in the bathroom and saw that nastiness. While proper dieting has allowed my waist to get close to my ideal size, my bottom (due to weeks of inactivity) had unfortunately not followed suit.

So I’m back to hitting the gym hard. I signed up at Lifetime Fitness, and am thoroughly enjoying the top-of-the-line facilities that they have available.

True story: I actually bruised my chin because of that weird ab-roller wheel thingy. I obviously have a long way to go to getting back to my ideal shape, but signing up for a gym was the first step in getting the ball rolling.

I feel so much better physically and mentally because of working out, and I am going to start working out with a trainer very soon. I’m sure that will be a comic in itself~

Wish me (and my badonkadonk) luck! And look forward to more posts now that I’m on a decent schedule again!

Thanks for your patience~

A Cartoon Stuck in a Real Girl’s Body

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