My sister just got her driver’s lisence. Omaigahd.

And over the past week that she’s been around, she has been religiously begging and nagging me to let her take me for a drive in my own car.

I did pretty much everything I could to not let this happen. From what I heard from my mom, her driving is something along the lines of this Family Guy sketch:

Despite my strongest efforts, today, after another morning of constant pleading, I finally gave in to her wishes and let her drive us to her school.

It went well.

I was a bit tense, but did my best to relax and help her relax as we drove down the highway. Most of our trip consisted of me looking behind me to make sure the lanes were clear, so no merging incidents occurred.

Thank Jesus, we made it in one piece.

I think I’ll let her drive me around again.

In about 3 more years.

The stress-indigestion I suffered from when I got home was no joke.