Today was my very last official day at work in NYC! It was a long last day (got home around 10:30 pm), but full of closure.

Put the finishing touches on my projects before handing them off to my associate, and I closed the book to this chapter in my life. Tomorrow I will go into the office to grab my little box of things before I head on out of the city for the last time.

It’s definitely bittersweet. I learned so much from my boss and from the work I was exposed to. New York City was an experience in itself, and there are definitely things that I will miss from it.

On a brighter note, I had a very interesting experience the other day at a Starbucks, and was planning on drawing a comic from it. But as it’s already 11:30 pm and I very much want to take a bath, that’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s blog!

Stay tuned!