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As I jogged to the parking lot, I stopped in my tracks when I saw a block of ice sitting where I my car used to be.

It took me about 5 minutes of tearing at my door to get it open.

It was then that I realized that I probably should have worn long pants.

I had to work fast if I wanted to get to the gym on time.

For some reason, the side windows took FOREVER to crack open.

But with persistence, and the heaters on in my car, I got the job done.

And off I went to the gym. Yay!

Okay. Boring story, but just thought I’d share~

What I learned is the following:

  1. Wear long pants when going to de-ice your car.
  2. Clear your front and rear windshields before turning on your car’s heat. Don’t want a reprise of what happened in NY to occur.
  3. When you do turn on your heat, crack the front two doors open slightly. This will allow some circulation and prevent too much of an intense heat buildup to occur too quickly in your vehicle. The escaping heat will also help in de-icing your side windows.
  4. Be safe when getting to and from your car. Don‘t wipe out like I did.

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