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Is it just me, or is it cold outside?


I think that if there was one thing I wish New York City wasn’t…it’s the cold.

And I’m not just talking about the weather. After 5 years in Pittsburgh, chilly/rainy/windy/snowy weather doesn’t phase me anymore. (Nothing some thermal undies and a 5 foot long scarf can’t fix.)

I’m talking more about the atmosphere of the city. Even during the warm summer days, people walk so furiously it’s like there’s a plague coming in after them. Head down, eyes hidden behind sunglasses, hands in pockets, ears plugged by headphones…and homaigahd I thinkĀ I’ve become one of them!

But around this time of year, I find little patches of warmth, where people don’t act like typical New Yorkers. And that’s wherever I find those bright twinkling Christmas lights, strung up in bright white, sparkling gold, colorful rainbow, and sometimes in those cool blues and greens.

And it’s those little lights that cause people to look up from the ground, slow their pace, and momentarily forget how flipping cold and gross it is outside.

Funny, that. It’s like those little lights have the ability to make us turn into 5-year-olds again. And I love it.

So Shiny~

I pray that for the upcoming New Year and beyond, I can be more like those little lights. Despite being small, shining brightly enough to pierce the cold and the dark. And, if I’m lucky, helping people stop and feel like little kids again while I’m at it~

And I can’t do it alone. If you haven’t noticed, those little lights come in long strands~ The more of us there are, the brighter the world will be. Time to be shiny, peoples!

Stay warm, my lovely readers~

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