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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before.

And yes, it can be a bit cliched, but let’s be honest: There is a lot of healing and healthy living that is involved with laughter.

This week was incredibly busy with work and life, but I intentionally decided to try something new. Even if there wasn’t anything happening at the moment to feel happy or joyful about, that I would take that moment to take a deep breath, smile, and wallow in contentment in the blessings I have.

What a difference that made! My conversations with people were brighter, work got done more efficiently, and I slept better this week than I have in the past few months! Despite feeling physically a bit down recently, my mental state is in the healthiest place it’s been in a while.

So back to laughter. Laughter is taking the contentment I mentioned earlier and letting it explode for the people around you to experience.

My family loves to laugh. We can be stern when need be, but when we’re together we can’t be taken all that seriously.

I was just video chatting with my dad tonight, when he suddenly stood up from his seat to show me that he managed to get his pajama pants all the way up to his shoulders. I tried myself, but my skills were nowhere near as epic as his.

"Dad, what are you..."


I look incredibly stupid guffawing in those photos, but after I managed to gather myself, I have to say that I feel alive right now.

Take some time to laugh. Realize that despite the tragedies of life, that happiness is a choice. And when we change our mindsets, everything else can follow for the better.

(And if you can, be like Papa Whang and try to make others laugh, too.)

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