It snowed today, and I couldn’t help but get excited for the winter~!

Okay, the “snow” was really just a dusting of flurries, but they were still really pretty.

As Christmas comes rushing towards us, I am doing my best to keep in mind (pardon the cliche), the real reason for the season.

Amidst the busyness of the city, the packed schedule, the late nights, and the lingering worries in the back of my mind of what my future holds, I find peace in remembering how much He loves us…that He would send His only Son to save us all.

I’m so grateful for where God has taken me this year. It’s been a rough patch of events, but I believe that He allowed me to grow up a little bit through those experiences.

And in the same way, I hope that my goals and passion grow up in the same way in 2011.

Stay warm, lovely readers~