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During my week of being blog negligent (I’m still sorry, btw), I’ve been dabbling in freelance projects and graphic design competitions.

And I’ve been having a blast~ So I thought I’d share this joy with you in blog-format.

The most recent of the projects I participated in was a contest held by Toasted Foot, for a cigar company called 262 Ideology.

All they asked was to upload an image with the numbers “262” somewhere in the picture. So I thought about it a little, grabbed my Wacom Tablet, opened up Adobe Illustrator, and had at it.

The contest’s deadline was yesterday, and today, I was confirmed as one of the finalists!!!

Toasted Foot just put up a public poll for people to vote for their favorite design, and I need your help to get me to the top!

My lil’ logo is the one belooooooooow:

Lucky Entry #13~! VOTE!

In all honesty, I was super proud of this drawing. Among all of the graphic designs I’ve done, this was one of the best I’ve managed to create. And it happened so quickly and effortlessly, that I was all around giddy by the time I submitted it.

So, if you think my design is the best of the lot, PLEASE vote for me! (Even if you don’t, PLEASE vote for me ^^)

Should I win the free box of 262 Ideology cigars, and if you voted, and if you’re in the NJ/NY area, comment below, and we can celebrate togeddurs.


Click HERE to place your vote in the poll.

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