It’s finally happening.

A team of 12 (including myself) from Metro Community Church will be heading on out to Haiti early tomorrow morning, and will be staying for an entire week to help support Grace International, Inc. in feeding thousands of orphaned children, building homes, and constructing fences for a nearby school/orphanage.

And it’s especially because of the financial and prayerful support of the following people that I am able to have this opportunity:

  • Mom and Dad! (Of course!)
  • My brother Peter (Thank you esp. for financially supporting me, even though you’re a poor college student!!!)
  • My grandparents!
  • Pastor Dave and Mrs. Michener!
  • Ms. Sandy Pope!
  • Mr. Avery and Ee-mo!
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sang Na!
  • Elder Paul and Mrs. Robertson!
  • Mr. Marvin Onyemaechi!
  • Bridgeway Community Church!

Thank you thank you thank you for supporting us.

See you guys on the flip-side. I’ll do my best to update daily and document/journal what goes on in Haiti. Please continue to keep our group in your prayers.

[If I am unable (for whatever reason) to update, you can also follow our Haiti group’s blog, which can be found HERE.]