I love being an American.

Sure, America is flawed in many ways, but I wouldn’t have had such a musical magical fancy free night anywhere else in the world.

It started off with my friends Vicki and Grace. The three of us went to the Chelsea Theater in Manhattan for the Sound of Music’s 45th Anniversary, where they held a Sound of Music Sing-A-Long.

We are SO Ready to Sing Along (and thanks, Mom, for the roasted peanuts~)

(If you’re a fan of the Sound of Music, find a showing near you!)

These Sisters were REALLY Ready to Sing Along!

I not-so-surprisingly had SO MUCH FUN. If you knew me as a kid, I used to memorize, word-for-word, every old-school Disney VHS in existence. I even owned all of the sing-a-long videos and watched them till the tape wore out.

I felt like a little kid again, following the sing-a-long text at the bottom of the screen, and even clapped along with the rest of the audience. FUN!

All in all, a SPLENDID time.

(Click below to see my bootlegged capturing of “My Favorite Things”)

After the movie was over, and after I said good-night to my friends, I traveled into the subway systems of NYC to head on home.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t really paying attention and ended up taking the wrong train a bit too far. When I realized how far off I was, I immediately got off of the car to backtrack. (I do this more often than you may think.)

That’s when I got another taste of awesome musicality.

I never had a chance to get his name, but this one guy had been serenading all of the impatient NYC commuters with some Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, and even Usher~ While I rarely ever tip the people singing in the subway systems, this guy was good. And he actually made my wait enjoyable. So a tip he got, and the vid below I shot. Let it Buuuuuurnnn~

I had to make a transfer on my way back, and I saw an elderly gentleman providing some old-timey entertainment as a miniature version of a one-man-band.

Maybe not as talented, but it still made me nostalgic of the music I used to hear on the Ocean City Boardwalk as a kid.

As I am preparing to leave for Haiti this Saturday, I am realizing more than ever how much we take for granted here. Things may be tough right now, but at least I can live in a society where I can draw comics, blog freely, and if I wanted to, dress like a Nun, run around in costume, sing “The Hills are Alive” at the top of my lungs, and do it all without fear or shame.