So during work today, an associate from another company dropped by to pick up some stuffs…

…and she brought me a cupcake!

A GINORMOUS cupcake!

(While I’m not much of a bakery fiend, I so do love chocolate, so…boo-yeah!) The gift was totally unexpected, and it was so nice of her to bring such a nice treat while I’m plugging away solo at the office. (It’s so quiet when there’s no one else in the room…)

Now, I’ve never been to Crumbs Bake Shop before, but if you enjoy decadent, moist, and sweet baked goods, and you’re in the NYC area, go and check them out!

UPDATE: I only ate a quarter of the cupcake and I’m DONE. The rest will wait in the fridge for my co-workers to enjoy once they get back.