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I dialed up my mom as I trudged, umbrella-less, through the dark stormy night of mid-town Manhattan.

Work had run a bit late (literally, something came up just as I was putting on my jacket to head on out, go home, and hit the gym). Night had fallen, rain was falling, and I was at a point that I just wanted to get home, ASAP.

When I get into those kinds of negative mindsets, the person I turn to to keep me in check is my Mom. She knows just what to say to change my attitude, and while not always gentle in her approach, her methodology works every single time.

Today was no different. I griped a bit about my horrible luck with umbrellas (seriously, I have yet to own and use an umbrella for over a month before it breaks in some way) and she merely laughed.

“You know why you have bad luck with umbrellas, don’t you?” She asked.

My interest was piqued, and I momentarily forgot about the rain seeping into my shoes. “Why?” I questioned.

“Because you were meant to be chauffered around in a limo, not to walk around in the rain with an umbrella. Since you aren’t living out the lifestyle God intended for you, all of your umbrellas are going to keep breaking until you do.”

Though her statement was a little cheesy (and somewhat reminiscent of a pick-up line I once heard), I actually burst out laughing when she said it. And not only did it boost my mood, but it also made me feel like I was somehow worth that kind of extravagant lifestyle.

Either way, it just goes to show you that a small word of encouragement can go a seriously long way. As I type this out (dry in my apartment), I’m still smiling.

With all of the tragedies occuring amongst our teens and young adults, it is so important that we all provide loving and uplifting words of enouragement to our co-workers, classmates, teachers, family members, etc. A single, genuine word of love can outshine any form of negativity that is thrown one’s way.


Ignore the Blue Blob and Embrace this Verbal Hug


That’s all! I hope you all know that no matter who you are and what kind of baggage you’re carrying, that God loves you unconditionally. Though you may feel lonely, you are never truly alone. Love you all, my Webernet readers!

A Cartoon Stuck in a Real Girl’s Body

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