Entries of my final days in Shanghai. Seoul is next!

Day 7: 09/22

It was a a bit of a mixed day for me. The chaos caused by the masses of families going to the Expo for Moon Festival was purely overwhelming. Just getting into the South Korean Pavilion (which, by the way, was INCREDIBLY disappointing…I feel like I maybe accidentally missed half of the pavilion or something) took over 2 hours of waiting in the rain.

Still, I suppose I should back up and say how GRATEFUL I was for the overcast weather and rain today. There was no sun to bake us, and instead a nice cool breeze flew past that kept us happy and comfortable, despite the wait. So I praise God for the relief he provided us from the elements today.

We also checked out the North Korean Pavilion (which, by far, was the most interesting, non-architecturally-speaking). There were rainbows painted on the ceiling, a fountain with cherubim sitting under a sign that said “Paradise for People” and about 8 television screens of propaganda. It made my mouth drop in disgust and amusement all at the same time.

We escaped the crowd and crashed at the hotel for about half an hour before we decided to go and check out the Yuyuan Gardens. Problem is, the crowd was so crazy, that we gave up and left to go get another massage at a different place.

Forget the last massage place I went to. This place was the BOMB. They acupressure massaged us for TWO HOURS. 1 hour for feet and 1 hour for the rest of me. I have never had my butt massaged before, but my cheeks felt good afterwards. Haha.

All the pain I had in my heels from the past 5 days of walking and standing non-stop were gone. I turned in early, and went back to the hotel alone to plan our route of attack for our last two days in Shanghai.

Day 8: 09/23

My travelmates were a bit hung over from the night before, so they ended up sleeping in until past 3 pm. So in the meantime, I went to the shopping center across the street and spent my morning/early afternoon doing quiet time, drinking coffee, and video chatting with Dad using the wifi from the cafe. Not a bad way to spend a morning.

Once they felt better, we had sushi (the kind you get on a conveyor belt) and it was delicious~ Full of fishies, we left Pudong to go to Puxi to see the smaller Expo Pavilions, across the river.

God showing favor #1: We had gone into a specific Pavilion in order to get a special “stamp” to validate our Germany VIP passes. They didn’t have the machine to do it, so one of the volunteer workers gave us a private/personal tour of the Puxi side of the Expo, allowing us to bypass lines and everything. How crazy is that??? And we got a shiny Expo pin to keep that would allow us VIP passes to the Germany Pavilion!

It was great. We caught one of the last ferries over to the Pudong side of the Expo and did our walkabout. We saw so many things that we wanted to see more of in the daytime, and decided to come back the next day, even though we were exhausted.

Day 9: 09/24

Today, my co-worker and I were up at the crack of dawn and meandered our way to the Expo (we’re pros now, haha).

God showing favor #2: The one Pavilion I wanted to see was the Danish Pavilion (with the statue of the Little Mermaid), where the lines usually queued up to 4 hours in length…but when we got there, there was absolutely no one there but us. We were the first ones there and got to go in, with no wait.

God showing favor #3: At the Danish Pavilion, there is a special feature where you can borrow a bike and cycle through the ramped portion of the Pavilion. There are only about 30 bicycles for millions of visitors, and again, we had no wait, no line, and got to breeze through.


God showing favor #4: Did I mention that the weather was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS today? A sunny 75 degrees with a breeze. Unreal looking fluffy clouds in the sky. Perfect weather for taking photographs.

God showing favor #5: On our previous Expo days, we got to see 2 pavilions, max (because of the ridiculous lines). Today, we saw Norway, Finland, Denmark, Mexico, Canada, Austria, and Germany (using our VIP passes to bypass an actual 4-hour long line). In less time than the other days took to see only 2 pavilions.

God showing favor #6: This one is definately a selfish one…but today was international hitting on Grace day. 😛 The guys at the Austria Pavilion (fresh off the boat from Austria, no less), apparently not only had “yellow fever”, but also had “Korean girl fever.” So they gave us the inside scoop to the Pavilion, and let us in first after chatting us up for 15 minutes or so. Hilarious. At the Canadian Pavilion, there were 20-something year old Chinese volunteers/entertainers dressed up as Mounties with strange clown makeup and flower hats. When I went to pose with one of them, the other one came and tried to block the other guy out of the picture. After some fake fighting, they both went on either side of me to pose, even though other people were waiting in line to take pictures with them. Not actually “favor”, perse, but it did boost my confidence a bit.

Today was a fantastic day. I’m exhausted and ready for Korea tomorrow. Very much looking forward to seeing Seoul again after 2 years. It’s past midnight and I’m going to pass out now. Praise God for His favor in the midst of chaos and the company of those who don’t know Him.

Stopping to smell the gigantic representations of flowers.