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My adventures in Shanghai continue!

Day 5: 9/20

Today was a stressful day. Since it was our first time going to the Expo, we had no idea what to expect. The large crowd and crazy lines, plus the insane amount of heat…it was hard to bear.

The first pavilion we visited (Australia) was a breeze. Since we were one of the first people to get in, it ended up being a lot of a shorter wait than we expected. It was slightly unimpressive, so we were all a bit disappointed.

We then traveled over to the Vietnam Pavilion (as there was no line), and we were pleasantly surprised by the vaulted bamboo cathedral inside. It was breathtaking.

The last pavilion we hit was Japan. The 3 hour long wait was a bit much, but when we finally got in, it was a welcome relief. I did get to listen to a little Chinese child try to sing his ABC’s. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO HIS VERSION.

I was shocked by the technology Japan showcased, especially the robot that was able to play a sonata on an actual violin. Scary. CLICK HERE FOR THE ROBOT’S PERFORMANCE.

They even showed us a weird technology hybrid kabuki show. Interesting…

I was feeling a bit sickly after we got back from the Expo, and after a delicious dinner at the Super Brand Mall, I unfortunately ended up puking up a bit because of the crazy heat and humidity. Then I passed out into bed and slept the night away.

Day 6: 9/21

Today was a much better day. Since we knew what we were getting ourselves into, we left much better prepared than when we did the day before. We were first in line, and we even got VIP passes to the China Pavilion (though we ended up giving them away to this adorably grateful Japanese couple, because the reservation times did not work with our schedule).

The first thing we did was book it to the farthest end of the Expo and made it as one of the first people to see the UK Pavilion…and it was simply amazing.

So I don’t bore you with details, I’ll skip along to the Switzerland Pavilion. It wasn’t amazing architecturally, except for the fact that they constructed an actual ski lift that takes you to the top of the green roofs of the Pavilion and gives a fantastic view around the entire Expo from a bird’s eye perspective. SO much fun. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT I SAW ON THE LIFT.

After Expo, we went back to the mall with the fake brand stuff. But when we got to the place, we were immediately trailed by this creepy Chinese ahjushee in a button up white shirt.

I was creeped out at how close he tried to get to us and the way he smiled at us. Then I got scared, when two more men joined their friend and followed us as well, one trying to cut us off at the front. As they trailed us, they made shortcuts to circle around us like barracudas, and slapped their water bottles as they stalked us, trying to intimidate us.

They even followed us after my boss got in their face and was threatening bodily harm to them if they didn’t stop. They were going to follow us into an elevator, but my gut feeling was to not get into a confined space with them, so I grabbed my co-workers and made a beeline to the Metro Station (which was connected to the shopping mall).

The moment we were in the Station, they stopped following us (there are Chinese guards posted at every station entrance). And I thanked God that we left with all of our stuff, our health, and safety in-tact.

We then decided to go and hit the outdoor Antiques bazaar, where the people were friendly, neighborhood-like, and extremely easy to bargain with. The long walks through the covered outdoor markets, chatting with locals, listening to birds in their cages, and seeing babies run around with their butt-less pants made us all feel so much better. I even bumped into a whole group of Korean tourists and got to chat with them.

Now I’m in the hotel, and I’m about to crash.  I’ll be keeping things in perspective, praying always, and being joyful in the Lord always…He has protected us and given us favor, every step of the way on this trip.

The UK Pavilion made me jump for joy.



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