As promised, I have officially begun IWIWALBT’s Friday Photocomic Feature!

This week, we have the lovely Tina Chen~ A very close girlfriend of mine and (fun fact!) one of the first friends I made during my move to NY/NJ!

It's So Fluffy!

  • What’s your full name?

Shu-Ying Tina Chen

  • What do you do?

I’m an operations manager

  • How did you find this blog?

Thru youuu=D

  • If you were a cookie, what kind would you be? And why?

Peanut butter and chocolate chip because I’m super sweet hahahahahha=P

  • Mac or PC…or…other?


  • Quick! Write down the first thing that comes to your mind!


  • You have a $20 bill in your hand and you have to spend it NOW or else it’ll crumble into dust! What do you do with it?

Buy myself and a friend a train ticket to spend a day in the city=D

  • Favorite Childhood Movie?

Little Giants

  • Favorite Drink?


  • Is there a website or cause you’d like to advertise to the Webernet?

(Stay healthy and get your check ups!)

  • Any final words for the Webernet?