Long time no update!


In my defense, I’ve been a busy, busy girl 🙂

First, there was the International Secret Agents concert in NYC. I took over 100 photos and videos of the young and talented Asian American artists that took the stage at Webster Hall (which can all be found HERE). My friends and I were lucky enough to get close the stage (standing-room only) and though I was star-struck, I felt completely at home with the artists I watched from the comfort of my laptop every night.

They really blew me away, and made me very very proud to be a young Asian American artist. Represent~

The amazing line-up included:

Wong Fu Productions (With my future husband Phil Wang, and a newly engaged Ted Fu!)

Far East Movement (Fly Like A G6)

Quest Crew (Truly worthy of the ABDC title)

KevJumba (Who is going to be on The Amazing Race with his Dad!)

NigaHiga (Who previewed his new full-length film…which looks HILARIOUS)

David Choi (Who made a super fan out of me with his flawless vocals)

David Garibaldi (And his jaw-dropping ability to create gigantic paintings in minutes)

And sooooo much more.

All in all, a memorable and highly entertaining night.

During their segment, FM rocked the house with something old…

And something new…

Later on, I went down to Orlando, Florida (for work of course…sadly…no Disney World), and the weather treated us very kindly (thank GOD). Work was good, and our client/host gave us the royal treatment…

…But now that I am back home in the coziness of my tiny but homey apartment, I can honestly say that there really is no place like home.

I got to clean (an actual hobby of mine) and do laundry…and I don’t know about you, but I LOVE wrapping myself in my comforter right after it comes out of the dryer!


Mini-Grace does, too.


I’ll be in Maryland for Labor Day weekend to hang with the fam…one last time before I leave for Shanghai/Seoul. And then I go to Haiti. Phew!

Hmmm…I suppose I’ll just have to enjoy being home while I can. Goodnight!