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Black and White photos are so classy~!

This past week, my parents have been sending me photos of their own parents. I’ve touched a couple up and in the process got to see a side of my Halmonie (grandmothers) and Halabuji (grandfathers) that I never got to see before.

My Dad’s Parents on the Left, my Mom’s on the Right

Makes me regret not getting to know my paternal grandparents more before they passed away. Looking at the serious yet striking man in uniform, I wonder what he experienced and had to achieve in order to get all of those ribbons.  My grandmother looked so young and impish…I wonder if she had the same sense of humor that my dad has now…

I’m grateful to still be close to both of my maternal grandparents, who are getting up there in age, but still as active as ever.

Recently, they’ve discovered e-mailing. I really enjoy reading the letters I know they painstakingly typed out  in English (which isn’t their first language):

hallo my grandaughter i can do e mail now
i will send you mail every day
l will bother you ha ha ha
grndpa  by by  see you soon.

I got another one today, after I sent them the retouched photo above, and it made me laugh out loud (translations in purple):

Hellow grace,  long time no see you.
Hello, Grace! Long time no see.

we are return back to home last night from family vacation to Aruba.
We got back home last night from our family vacation to Aruba.

we have very enjoyed time, but halmony is very hard time to take care of childern.
We had a very good time, but Halmonie had a very hard time taking care of your little cousins

we have very much sensibility time of our old time photograph.
We felt very nostalgic looking at the old photograph

we are very enjoed the picture. grace !
We enjoyed the photo, Grace

we are very much love you and we desire to soon as you have find to faithfull boyfriend.
We love you very much and hope you find a Christian boyfriend soon

thank you very much , send phtograh. aannung, by by.
Thank you so much, please send us a photograph of you. Ahnyoung, bye-bye

? Classy. I love my grandparents. ❤

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