Happy Birthday, Dada!

As the title of this blog entry suggests, it’s true. The apple reaaaaaaally doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Whether its our shared sense of fashion…

Illustrating the Popular Belt-Over-The-Shirt Look

Our big eyes…

Yes, those are Ping Pong balls.

The obsession we have for fossil hunting…

The Hard Hats Are to Protect the World from Our Awesomeness

Or our lame–I mean HILARIOUS sense of humor…

Mm. Clementines.

Truly, I am my father’s daughter.

When 3-D (and Suspenders) Was Still Cool

I could honestly go on and on regaling tales of our hundreds of adventures together, but they all merely illustrate exactly the same thing:

My Dada is the best.

Happy Birthday, Dada. You may be one year older, but you haven’t changed a bit.

So THAT's Where I Got It From