I absolutely LOVE the smell of Home Depot!

Whenever I walk through the automatic sliding doors (like I did this morning), I always take the time to stop and take a deep breath. I mentally “taste” the potent smell of sawn lumber mixed in with the faint aromas of manure and paint.

And oh, how I looove it.

I suppose it’s related to the fact that the smell reminds me of the times I spent with my Dad, the Handyman.

When I was little, I would tag along as often as I could on his Home Depot runs. I enjoyed touching all of the chains, collecting the paint sample cards (so smooth, so shiny!), and turning every doorknob mock-up in the store.

And most of all, I loved to watch my Dad create amazing furniture with the scrap wood that was around the garage. I admired him (and still do!) for his almost super-heroic ability to make stuff.

So if you happen to go with me to a Home Depot, and you see me stop, spread my arms wide, close my eyes, take in a deep breath, and sigh…

…please don’t act you don’t know me and walk away. Like my boss did… (T_T)