I admit it. I’m kind of insane…

especially when it comes to thrill rides and high jumps.

Today was an amazing day. Our young adults ministry (YAM) went over to Mountain Creek Water Park for fun in the sun and some good ‘ol fashioned fellowship…with water. (A quick thank-you and shout-out to Abe for organizing this event!!!)

I got to spend over 10 hours today with my friends, sans make-up, hair un-done, and covered in nothing but my (cute new) bathing suit and the sweet smell of sunscreen. I don’t remember the last time I was able to stay outside all day long in such beautiful weather with nothing on my agenda but playing in the sun and water. I even left my camera and cell phone behind.

By the end of the day, we rode the super-tall waterslide (which caused the biggest atomic bathing suit wedgie of all time), jumped around the wave pool, launched off of the Tarzan Swing (which cleared my sinuses by flushing it out with tons of water up and out of my eyeballs), and pretty much every other crazy ride in the park.

SO much fun. SOOOO much fun.

With no deadlines, surprisingly yummy water park food, and absolutely no places I was expected to be, everything was perfect.

The most fun I had, though, was during the last 10 minutes of our water parking, which was when Abe, Dave, Beyshyh and I decided to go and “cliff jump” from a 24 foot tall ledge. (The trick is to give yourself a running start…oh, and not look over the edge before jumping.)

Click HERE to See Random People Cliff Jumping @ Mountain Creek.

I felt like I was flying. It was ridiculous. And despite landing on my bottom (ouchies), the rush was intense.

I wish I had a deep meaningful way to end this entry, but what can I say? No deadlines, no time limits, no expectations, lots of physical activity, and good company.

I should go out and do things like this more often.

Bloop! ❤