I love posting music videos.

There are so many great songs that come out on a daily basis, and as I do often on Facebook, I like sharing my favorites (mainly K-Pop, but I’m trying to expand my horizons ^_^). I think for this blog, I’ll start doing the same thing, but moreso on a monthly basis:

Here are my top 5 favorite music videos/songs for this month!

#5: Pyramid by Charice

This little 17-year old Filipino girl is something else. If you haven’t YouTube’d her yet, I highly recommend it.

#4 Gettin’ Over You by David Guetta/Chris Willis/Fergie/LMFAO

Talk about a feel-good song. The diversity of the people, the different styles of music and dance, and the overall ridiculous amount of talent just makes me wanna dance around like a crazy person whenever I hear this.

#3 Somebody to Love (Remix) by Justin Bieber/Usher

Okay. I admit it. I have Bieber Fever. But what really makes me love this song is the video itself. With heavy hitting dance groups like Beat Freaks, Poreotix, LXD, the Syrenz, and more, in addition to the simple yet dynamic graphics of the video, I don’t mind watching this over and over.

#2 I Need a Girl (Dance Version) by Taeyang

Taeyang. I am a huge fan of Big Bang, and this music video is no exception. Great song, lots of charisma, fun lyrics, and cute choreography…Yes. This is one of my top favorites. (I’m uploading the version with Eng. subs for all my non-Korean K-Pop fans!)

#1 Double Rainbow Song by the Gregory Brothers

Fine, so this isn’t an “official” song or music video. But if you haven’t seen the original Double Rainbow video, SEE IT NOW. It makes this auto-tuned song all the more amazing and catchy. You’ll find yourself singing it to yourself in the middle of work…like I’m doing right now. I should stop. But I won’t.

Enjoy Watching!