This past weekend definitely ranks as one of my top 10.

My mom and I had a one night, two day date, where we traveled down to Atlantic City’s Borgata for fun, games, and Russell Peters.

I got it from my mama.

Despite the two of us getting stuck in traffic for more than an hour, we thankfully met up safe and sound and rushed off to the Coach outlet to pick up some pretty baggies (yay for 20% discounts and NJ lack of taxes!).

Once our bag fetishes were satiated, we checked into the hotel and went downstairs for a little bit o’ slot machine playing. (Our favorite~!)

We wanted to take our time, and spend the little bit of money we set aside to play with (guilt-free-ish) over as long of a time span as we possibly could. So we walked slowly and chose our machines carefully.

After a bit of wandering around the casino floor, we happened upon a brand new penny slot machine called “Reel Em In.” (See some dude’s video HERE to understand how the Reel Em In bonus rounds work)

My mom and I snagged seats and played, really not quite understanding how the game was played, but enjoying the button pushing, the sounds clanging out of the machine, and all the pretty little graphics blazing across our screens all the same.

To our pleasant surprise, a bonus round was triggered and we sat back to watch our assigned “characters” fish for the bonus fishies on the large screen above us.

My character pulled up a $6 fish bonus. Not bad for a penny slot machine. But we waited eagerly to see what my mom’s character would pull up.

A flurry of random fish flew by, ranging from a dollar to $15 at most. Then, to our shock, a gigantic shark with the number $495 above its head swam by.

I turned to my mom and said to her, “They’re so mean, teasing us with a shark. No one ever gets the shark.”

She nodded, still focused on the screen. I looked back up, arms crossed and smugly resigned to our impending disappointment.

At that moment, her character hooked the shark.

To recap, in the past bonus rounds we had played, the bigger fishes tended to let go of their hooks after a few seconds after they’re caught and swim away, leaving the players very…very frustrated at the machine.

So I remained wary. But the shark stayed on the hook for 5 seconds…then 10…then 15…and just as my eyeballs were about to burst, my mom’s character reels up the shark.

I grab my mom’s arm and shook it very violently.

“MOM!” I cried. “YOU WON!!!” I looked at her machine and realized that her bonus game was playing at 2x, meaning whatever she won was multiplied by 2.

I shook her again. “YOU WON $1,000!!!” My mom stared at her screen, wide-eyed.

“Noooo…” she said quietly. “I won $100. This is a penny slot machine…”

“NOOO!!!” I said (way too loudly). “YOU WON $1,000!!! 100,000 pennies means $1,000 dollars!!!

She looked at me and I could actually see the realization hit her in the face (it was awesome).

“Oh my God…” she whispered, her eyes huge.

MOOOOOOOOOOM!” I yelled (again, way too loudly), continuing to shake her arm. “YOU WOOOOOON!”

Without another word, my mom slapped the “cash-out” button on the machine and we bolted to exchange the ticket for real cash monies.

Calling Dad to share the good news!

(But, of course, not before I took a picture for proof.)


We were still riding high when we took the elevator up to our rooms.

We put the money away safely and gushed about how we not only paid for all the bags we bought, but also for the room and for the extravagant dinner we were now planning to eat.

At the restaurant, we ordered the things that sounded the best on the menu (not realizing the ginormous portion sizes) and ate to our heart’s content and our stomach’s discomfort.

Too good.

I will now upload these pics to make you hungry at work (or wherever you happen to be reading this).

Rock Shrimp Appetizer. MMM!

Biggest Dragon and Spider Rolls EVAH. MMMMMM!!

Spicy Seafood Pad Thai! MMMMMMMMM!!!

Oh, baby. I just drooled on my keyboard. We may have been waddling out of the casino by the time dinner was over, but it was SO worth it.

Getting ready to laugh our ung-dung-ees off.

We went over to the Event Center and sat down to watch Russell Peters, and honestly, it was just the icing on the cake.

My throat actually became raw from laughing so hard. And my mom struggled to maintain her eye makeup as her laughter caused tears to pour down her face.

We left feeling exhausted but completely satisfied. (And if anyone says TWSS, I’mma have to smack that person down.)

But seriously. Everything that day was so good.

By the end of the night, my mom and I were lying down in bed and we talked about life. And Momma Whang dropped down some seriously needed wisdom bombs on me.

Now that I’m back home in Fort Lee, I can look back on the past weekend with nothing but fondness and a little bit of righteous guilt.

Despite my complaining and feeling emo over the past week, God gave me the vacation I needed, an undeserved amount of blessings through my Mom, Borgata Casino’s $$$, and even Russell Peters, plus the spiritual and emotional perspective that I needed.

I just thank God for hearing the (admittedly whiney) prayer I posted a few days ago. He really did carry me to a place where I was able to look behind me and see my worries from far away and from a higher perspective.

As always, I need to seek God for comfort and guidance when I am hitting walls. Or, as Russell Peters says, I need to “BE A MAN…DO THE RIGHT THING.”

Or in my case, (WO)MAN).