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Despite the rain, I felt good.

Sure, I spent most of my afternoon running through a miserable downpour of rain in my nice shoes and clothes (feebly covered by my broken umbrella), but I got to all my appointments on time and dried off fairly easily. The meetings all went off without a hitch, and things were looking up.

In our last meeting of the day, my boss and I walked around Chelsea with a landscape architect from San Francisco. We decided to pop our heads in Spice Market to show her a lighting detail we wanted to use on our project. With sketchbook and camera in hand, I took notes on several things and as we made our way out, I reached for the door to open it.

I was mid-sentence when I almost crashed straight into Ye Eun of the Wondergirls, who stared at me in surprise.

I looked pretty stupid then, wide-eyed and mouth agape in shock.

All I remember saying (and a little bit too loud), was “OMOH!” (Korean translation: “OMIGOSH!”) I saw a camera man in the background, filming her and Yoo Bin as they were about to enter the restaurant.

I bowed and said “hi” and stammered for an autograph, thrusting my opened sketchbook and pen at them. While they were signing, I contemplated whether or not to also ask for a picture, but my boss and the architect were still standing right behind me, wondering who these girls I was babbling to in Korean were.

Autograph in hand, I decided against taking more of their time and my associates’ time and left sans photo (though I still wonder if I should have asked…)

Thanks, Ye Eun and Yoo Bin!

Still, how fun was that?

As I left to go home that day, I called my friend Vicki to gush about my K-Pop encounter in Chelsea. We both agreed that as awesome as it would have been to have also met their boy-band counterparts (2PM), I would have probably called Vicki as my one phonecall from prison…

…because I would have tried stuffing them in my purse so I could take them home with me.

I leave you with this. Enjoy their most recent hit: 2 Different Tears (featuring Bobby Lee).

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