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“I’m hooooome!”

With an “oomph”, I kick the old wood door shut behind me.

“Man, today was rough. The interior designer we’re working with has absolutely NO idea what he’s doing with this project!” In relief, I heave my overflowing bag onto my bed and walk over to the Air Conditioner to turn it on.

“Geez,” I sigh. “How can you handle this kind of heat all day?” I stand in front of the cool air for a couple of seconds before walking to my closet to change.

“It was sooooooo hot on the bus…” I bemoan as I peel off my sticky work clothes and hop into a cool, dry pair of cotton pajama pants and baggy t-shirt. “The driver refused to turn on his A/C.”

Opening up the fridge, I stare into the emptiness momentarily before grabbing the pitcher of chilled Brita water. As I pour myself a glass, I stretch and rub my eyes. When I pull my hand back, I notice a black smear running across my skin.

“Crap. I forgot I was wearing eye make-up again.” I jam the pitcher back into the fridge and stumble to the bathroom mirror where I see a panda-eyed girl staring back. “Ew. Time to wash that off.”

Once the eyeliner is gone, I walk back to my bed and unpack my bag. “Charge my cell phone, charge my iPod, charge my camera…” I check each item off under my breath while plugging them into their respective chargers.

“Oh yeah. My water.” I walk back to the kitchen and chug back the slightly warmer water. “Bleagh. I should have put my Diet Coke in the fridge before I left.”

With everything in it’s place, I finally slump onto my bed and grab my laptop. I turn on the TV, lean back, lift the lid of the laptop, and turn to my companion.

Two beady black eyes stare back at me in silence, but I know that his expression is friendly nonetheless.

“It’s good to be home.” I sigh, and squeeze him affectionately.

A Cartoon Stuck in a Real Girl’s Body

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